Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Sign for a Sign?

Well, I haven't made many post as I figured would happen if I tried adding a blog to my long list of things to do, but I have had something in mind to write about but wanted to wait until I knew for sure how things were going to go.  So, I guess today is the day to add this post.  As you know, we were, as I put it in my other post "uprooted", but, yes, soon we will be planted again!  I signed papers on our soon to be new home today.  Some people are little upset with me for buying a house 8 hours away and I understand, but I also understand that when God has a plan for you he will open the doors that will lead you in the direction you are suppose to go.  Deciding to move so far away from the place you have lived your whole life is not that easy and executing that plan is even harder, but for whatever reason everthing has seemed to fall in place.  Michael and I truly believe that God has a plan for us and that this is what we are suppose to do. So with that said I will begin my story about A Sign for a Sign.

When we sold our two houses, one during the flood scare and the other contracting two weeks after listing, I still didn't think we would get to look for a house until spring when Michael got released from the current job he is on.  So when he was given a chance to take an extra week off before Thanksgiving holidays, I was a little shocked and excited to get a chance to go and begin our search for a new home even if it did mean that we would just be getting a chance to learn more about the area.  I really didn't have any expectations of finding something within the few days we were going to spend up there.  But something inside me wondered if this extra time Michael had received off from work had actually been orchestrated by God, afterall, this was something that never happened.  As we began our trip I prayed that God would give me a definite sign if we did see the house we were suppose to by.  As we looked at houses I saw a few I liked and a few I didn't like, but there was not any overwhelming feeling of "this is the one"!  It wasn't until we had looked at everything on our list that our realtor mention looking at a house that wasn't on the market yet.  The owners had been out of town but were planning to put it up for sale when they got back and yes, that had just come back from out of town.  Michael was in love as soon as we crossed the creek to get to it and then pulled up to a house on ten acres.

And, even though the house was really nice and we both liked it I wasn't quite convinced yet.  Mainly because I wasn't having that "feeling".  Well, God knows me pretty well, and he knows I'm more of a literal gal than a feelings gal.  So when I walked into the bathroom and saw this sign on the wall I kind of freaked out a little in my head.

You really won't understand why unless you read my post about "...a time to plant and a time to uproot...Ecclesiastes 3:2"  Here is the link:

What makes this post so special? I felt like this was what God was speaking to me when I was stressing out about all the change and of the selling, moving and looking for another house.  That is what inspired the Ecclesiastes post!

Even after this I still prayed that if this wasn't the house we were suppose to buy that He would close the doors to buying it.  Each step we took, I would remind God he still had a chance to stop us.  But, he hasn't and everything has gone smoothly even with everything being done long distance.  So, I don't know why we are suppose to make this move and I hope that we have heard God right, but I ask that everyone that reads this will say a pray for us that he will show us Why we are moving up there and What it is that we are suppose to do when we get there!

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  1. Good luck with the move...making that move far from home is a hard one, but one that is often well worth the trials in the beginning. I am so happy with the town we live in now, the people we have met, Bart's job, the schools. I know I would not have had the happiness at the public schools in LA that we have here and that I'd have had to worked to pay for private schooling.
    I'll pray you can know what is right and have peace in it as well.