Friday, October 14, 2011

Rocks and Rings

I'm surrounded by males in this family, Michael, Cash, Scout (the cat) and even the fish are all males!  Maybe one day we will have another female added to our family but until then I must get use to being surrounded by boy things. There's trucks, planes, boats, camo, guns, and dirt!  But, every once in awhile the boys in the family take the time to remember me.  For example, today I received my belated 10th anniversary present, a beautiful pearl ring.  I love my husband for caring about me enough to buy me such nice things for important occasions but I want to share this not to brag about my ring, but to brag about my rock.  You see, Cash currently loves rocks, and everytime he finds some he makes sure to hand me one or two also.  I didn't think much of it, and even sometimes got a little annoyed that I had to carry around a rock, but then one day it dawned on me how much it meant for Cash to give me a rock.  He wasn't just handing me a rock, by handing me something that means so much to him, he was handing me a symbol of his love.  So, whether it's a beautiful pearl ring or a dirty old rock, they are all symbols of love for me from my boys. I hope, that as time goes by, I never take things for granted and that I always remember how much even the small things mean when they are done in love.

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